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Action powers Traction

There are many reasons why so many new year’s resolutions fail. One reason is we simply never get started. What seemed like a great idea at the end of 2019 simply never got a fair start. If you want to make change or initiate a new goal , take one simple step to create movement. Movement or action is the key to the engine that ultimately drives success.

The enemy of the idea that “Action powers Traction” is believing that we need to have all the parts and pieces of the puzzle in place in order to start the action. I refer to this self-sabotaging thinking as "paralysis by analysis" or just overthinking. Initiating movement and knowing that you don’t have to have complete knowledge of the complexities of the full journey can refreshing. Using the theme “action drives traction” can be used in a number of ways. If you believe that you might be ill-equipped to handle any task give it a try and take the first step.

By accomplishing one simple task in our efforts to move the needle, we at least give ourselves the chance to be successful in our efforts to reach our new goals. Building a little momentum with even a small degree of success is critical. Just a small degree of success will build a platform to stand on when reaching for the next step. Don’t discount the first and other small steps that account for major growth over time.

Every accomplishment no matter how great or how small has a starting point. That first step or movement may seem obvious but often underappreciated. Additionally, we often believe that the first step in a goal needs to be something big or considerable in nature. So untrue! If you are looking to start a new workout routine, but not finding the motivation or fire to get it underway. Try to do nothing more than putting on some running shoes on Monday. Do the same on Tuesday/Wednesday etc. This could set you up to start that walking routine or a trip to the gym by the end of the week.

Obviously, the first step is the just that, the first step. As you move forward the action creates the necessary traction for future success. Creating those habits for future success starts with one simple single action. Let’s get moving!

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