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Work to be uncomfortable

If it is one thing I know, "success" is not about being comfortable. There is no doubt that it is human nature to for us all to seek out comfort with regard to most all elements of life. Whether we are attacking a new work project, beginning a workout, or even attempting to start an intermittent fast, anything of value will push us to some degree of discomfort. Having the ability to understand being in a temporary state of "uncomfortablness" can often have incredibly positive outcomes.

Successful individuals also understand there is power in the acute discomfort. Further, they realize it is simply part of the price they have to pay in order to reap the rewards and benefits of their desired results. Unfortunately, many of us have a misunderstanding that the ultimate goal is to reach a settled and secure place or position. However, without some discomfort, it is unlikely that the true reward will ever be high regardless of the goal. Recognizing that a few mental and even physical abrasions are often well worth the battle.

One of my favorite quotes is one we often see in sports "Embrace the Grind." Take a moment to think about a simple goal and apply this thought of welcoming the most difficult part of the goal. Take another moment and think about a much more difficult goal. Now take a deep breath and start to welcome the hard stuff, even the ugly stuff. Appreciate that the most difficult parts of accomplishing these goals will truly shape you in so many ways for success. Rather than avoidance of discomfort, the mindset should always be "how can I welcome the part that will be difficult and cause the discomfort." So, put a smile on your face and embrace that grind.


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