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Enrich Another Person's Life

Okay, we are cruising now! Intention number 9 is to Enrich Someone Else’s Life. This is one of the 12 daily intentions that I try to put energy into every day. Though this one doesn’t take a tremendous amount of physical effort, I have found that it does often take a “deliberate effort.” Intentionally reaching out to acknowledge and help others is one of the most significant parts of personal and professional development.

I will offer a few thoughts on why this is important and secondly, I will attempt to provide you with some strategies to make this happen. First and foremost, I believe it is important to offer your friendship and help when needed. However, this should come with the thought of receiving nothing in return (though I believe there is always a positive return on this investment). It is also important to set this intention in motion with the belief in abundance rather than the fear of scarcity. By gifting of your time or service to someone or a group of people doesn’t mean that “you” will somehow come up short in the end. Furthermore, as you work from the mentality of being “grateful” for what you currently have is often enough, sharing with others becomes a much easier task.

Still, you might ask “why” enriching someone else’s life is one of my 12 daily intentions. I would say, the intrinsic reward of observing others around you grow and having small or possibly life-changing experiences with such a minimal investment on my part is tremendously rewarding. I would also tell you that if you are willing to share yourself and your time helping others grow with no expectations, you are likely to see some powerful short-term and long-term results.

To set this action in motion, my typical day starts with my work inside of my journal. Some mornings while going through my journal, it is almost like a premonition that I get which tells me, I need to reach out to this person or that one. On other days, it might be a little more calculated. I may go through my lists of contacts and ask myself, who is it that I haven’t spoken to in a while or is there someone who I know might be struggling in an area of life that I might be able to help? This could be a family member, a friend, a co-worker, etc. However, it is often just someone that I haven’t spoken to in some time.

Many times, after reaching out to these individuals, I will find that there is absolutely nothing needed regarding additional effort and time. On other occasions, the person that I reach out to may need some real help and I can offer some time or services. I rarely contact these individuals with any real expectations. A simple, “hello I hope you’re doing well” is enough. I used to do this exclusively through a phone call, but as I have learned, this isn’t always appropriate. I will now sometimes send a text message, other times, I will send a handwritten note to the individual just to let them know I am thinking of them. Depending on the relationship with the individual, an invitation to get together over a cup of coffee often follows.

I think is important to know that simply showing another human being that you care enough to take a short moment of the day to reach out to them is invigorating and uplifting to most people. It is also important to recognize that there is a collective energy. As we lift the spirit of one, we are lifting the spirit of the group. So, in a way we are doing 3 things with this effort. We will likely have a positive impact on the person we have reached out to, we are impacting a larger group of people who in turn they are in contact with, and we are also bringing positive energy to ourselves.

I would go so far as to say, that If you are interested in growing a positive culture inside of any group of individuals that you connect with, try investing 5 minutes each day in enriching one person’s life. Again, it doesn’t matter who or how you approach this, simply put forth the effort every day to bring some joy to another person. This can have a profound effect on them, you, and a larger community.

Though it is certainly important to help those closest to us such as our immediate family and friends. It is also critical that we also attempt to reach out to those who are not necessarily in these immediate circles. Whether it is connecting with those who are more distant relatives or those in our professional lives, these people are also individuals whom we may consider contacting from our shortlists.

I believe it is important to note that there will be those days when you are rushed or that you may not feel on top of the world, this small offering of gratitude to another person may seem to be a bit of an effort. It is my advice that this might be the best opportunity to make the effort to reach out to someone else and offer up this small gift of personal acknowledgment. On those days that we are under stress and a bit more self-absorbed in our issues, we may also forget to put forth the effort to enrich someone else’s life. It is at this point creating a continuous and deliberate lifestyle habit is of great value. Don’t leave it up to “motivation or even willpower.” Having this habit or daily routine in your toolbox will help assure that you follow through with your positive intention.


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