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What if?

Two of the most common and simplest words in the English language might just happen to be two of powerful words as well. Especially when these two words are linked together. The two words I am referring to are the words “what” and “if.” When posted together these two simple words generate a real positive change in our thought process and even drive a mantra that leads to endless possibilities.

Placing these two words back to back, “what if” can be a formula for success and can be the catalyst for unimaginable results.

Unfortunately, when faced with seemingly overwhelming obstacles, we often begin looking through a lens that is colored with the “impossible. Yet, by the simplest action of asking ourselves “what if,” the possibilities and opportunities begin to formulate in our minds.

If faced with a problem or situation that places us under stress, it is natural to react quickly out of fear with a fight or flight response. As we all know this response often leaves us with undesirable consequences. If we choose instead of reacting upon the initial fear and substitute the phrase “what if,” it literally changes our physiology and likely our outcome as well. The simple thought of asking “what if” allows us to begin exploring more positive and productive realities and we shift into a state of creativity rather than fear.

Additionally, habits are formed with repeated intentional and sometimes unintentional behaviors. Negative self-talk is no stranger to this concept. As can be expected, negative self-talk defers to futuristic negative consequences. Shifting our thoughts to a “what if” mentality interrupts that negative thought process and focuses on positive results. Repeated over time, your default behavior will be to seek out positive options rather than react with fear and unintended negative outcomes.

The next time you are faced with a situation that seems to present itself with only these negative consequences, try asking yourself “what if.” It is an

amazing tool and can create real life changing results!

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