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Blog Friday July 6, 2018

Here are my Friday 5’s ….things that I am currently dialed into.

WHAT I AM CURRENTLY READING, Own the Day, Own Your Life, by Aubrey Marcus. Though I listened to this book once about two months ago, I am re-listening to it on Audible again. I felt a little rushed the first time. I honestly feel this is one of the very best book out there regarding self development. Aubrey Marcus is an amazing writer and entrepreneur. Well worth the investment! Own the Day Own Your Life

WHAT I AM DOING AT THIS MOMENT, I am on the way home from Colorado Springs and the Olympic Training Center. I just had the honor to work at the 2024 Olympic Developmental Camp. During this past week, I was working with some of the top USA National athletes in the wrestling room alongside some outstanding coaches. Two evenings ago, I did a presentation on Nutrition and High Performance. What a pleasure working with this group!

WHATS AHEAD IN BUSINESS, Currently I am working with long time college buddy and trying to get him back on his feet as he struggles with some health issues, including adrenal fatigue. Much of this has been brought on due to stress and simply not taking care of himself in the area of nutrition/exercise/rest….you know the story. Good news is that he has been seeing some very favorable results over the past several weeks. I am also working with his team in the area of High Performance and building a winning culture which includes health/nutrition etc.

WHAT’S BREAKING, I am really excited to tell you that I am working with a company who has some real vision regarding health and fitness. We are in the process of putting exercise equipment and recovery protocols inside Airbnb’s! This will include spin bikes/other exercise equipment and even infrared saunas. I will release more information soon about where you can take advantage of these unique Airbnb experiences.

WHAT’S MY NEXT BIG EVENT. Actually this is a tossup between coaching at the USA Wrestling National Championships in Fargo North Dakota and then the very next week riding my cycle-cross bike across the state of Iowa on the historical RAGBRAI. This is a 7 day bike ride that will include over 10,000 registered riders and another three to four thousand additional non-registered riders. I am riding with Team WrestlingMS Basically our goal is to raise money and then donate bikes and bike packages to patients who have MS. If you are interested in making a donation …here is the link


to help out!

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