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What does success look like?

As a personal health coach, one of the first things that I always ask my clients is "what does success look like for you and what would be different if you to attain it." The most common response is "I don't know, I haven't really thought about that." If you are looking towards a life change of any kind, you must first be able to visualize your outcome and impending results. In sports at any level, coaches often refer to this as "keeping your eyes on the prize."

Spending over 30 years as a high school, college and international wrestling coach, I have witnessed the results of those athletes who have done just that...keeping their eyes on the prize. However, I have also noticed the struggle many ordinary individuals have later in life finding the ability to see what it is they truly want, let alone picturing what their life would be like if they were to accomplish their goal/s.

As you start your journey of "life change" (financial, health/nutrition or any other major change) first, define your potential outcome. Stephen Covey refers to this as "Thinking with the end in mind." Secondly, and probably most important, is to begin visualizing how your life could and would be different if you were able to reach your goals. In my opinion, these two beginning steps are absolutely crucial in your overall success.

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